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Expert WordPress DevelopersWordPress is Majaid’s favourite foundation software to develop dynamic websites. WordPress, developed by Automattic and supported by a robust online community, is a reliable, flexible and secure software platform that powers over one-quarter of all websites on the Internet.

You benefit from Majaid’s extensive WordPress experience. Once themes and plugins are added, Majaid customizes the program to match your exact needs: an informational website; writing blog posts; running an online store (eCommerce); and easy content updates to your website.

WordPress Experts

WordPress is an expansive software that scales accordingly as your business grows. If you can imagine it, WordPress can support it. Majaid website developers continue to be impressed with the power and flexibility of the platform every time we develop something new for our clients. Majaid’s custom programmed themes and plugins give you added visual and functional capabilities that exceed those offered by the standard install.

Majaid offers a variety of theme options based on your business needs: free themes, paid themes and custom-designed themes. All options are also available, such as adding features and functionality, plus a range of plugin options. Functions can easily be included, such as social media integration, search engine optimization and visitor interactions.

Majaid knows how to take WordPress to the next level — and the results will impress you.

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