For businesses just starting out, there are several inexpensive marketing ideas that can boost your bottom line. Unless you are a big business, like Coke with a $4B advertising budget, every dollar counts. Marketing is an important and often overlooked facet of business. In fact, most small businesses do not contribute enough of their earnings towards increasing their brand awareness. Social media, blogging, email marketing, and a website are four relatively inexpensive marketing ideas any business can use for expanding their reach.

Use social media to reach millions 

Social media is great for building an online community. Answer questions followers have and become known as the subject matter expert in your field. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are awesome platforms for reaching potential customers. Each platform targets a different audience and provides great options for engaging with people.

Blog you way to success

Having a blog where you give away advice for free is another great way for generating a following. Write regular and relevant posts so that you gain repeat readers. As your audience grows, so too will the number of websites singing your praise. You don’t have to write extremely long posts (350 words or so) and you don’t need to publish every day (weekly posts seem to work for many blogs). What is important is that you provide great advice and post regularly.

Compel visitors with email

Email marketing software like MailChimp, ZOHO, Infusionsoft all offer relatively easy options for reaching numerous recipients using an email campaign. The premise is to create the email content once and use the software to send to lots of people. The software tracks key metrics such as email open rate, click through rates, and deletion rates. Use this information to influence the makeup of your next campaign. One word of caution however, ensure you have the recipient’s consent before sending an email campaign. The best way to receive consent is to use an opt-in form on your website.

Must have a website

Having a business website is paramount today. With more potential clients conducting online searches every day, you need a website to get found on search engines. With software like WordPress, you can combine your website with your blog. All your marketing efforts must link back to your website. Your website must have a call to action for your visitors. Think of the process as a funnel. You target the most potential clients through social medial, blogging, and email marketing. Funnel them through your website (and your call to action). The visitors who contact you (phone, text, or email) are already pre-screened through several portals and are more likely to purchase from you.  

Each of these inexpensive marketing options require a little money and time but the paybacks are impressive.

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