Over the years, I installed and tested hundreds of WordPress themes. In my search, I have never found the perfect theme that satisfied the needs of my clients. The perfect theme doesn’t exist. There are several multipurpose themes on the market that try to be the perfect theme. Read on to discover the problem with multipurpose WordPress themes and how I give my clients what they want.

Too many choices

A search of the wordpress.org theme directory reveals that there are close to 600 themes using the multipurpose keyword. Most of these themes have a similar layout (top navigation, big hero image, several column layouts, and custom footer). They are all customizable (somewhat) to give you the look and feel you want. Most of the customizations deal with changing hero images, fonts, and colours. The layouts are set and not very customizable.

Too many features

By far, the biggest problem with multipurpose themes is they try to provide too many features. They have so many features that they don’t give much leeway to theme users. For instance, I have yet to see a theme that lets you turn a layout module off. Let’s say that you don’t want to use a parallax background module, then you should be able to turn it off and the theme would not load the code (CSS, JavaScript, jQuery) behind the module.

Too much code

Next, multipurpose themes tend to have a bloated code base. To cram every feature into their theme, theme developers use a lot of custom code. Overtime, this code results in large files that visitors to your website must download to view your website. If you don’t use all the theme features, the bloated code just sits there, wasting space.

Too little customization

To get all these features to work, the theme creators restrict the customizability so that you don’t break their theme. The more features they add, the less customization they permit. By controlling how much you can change their theme, you either accept the theme limitations, or you look elsewhere. With so many themes on the market, trying out different themes gets expensive quickly.

Most WordPress developers hate bloated multipurpose themes. They spend too much time (read your money) digging into the theme code trying to figure out how everything works. Your money is better spent getting a custom theme built that has only the features you want. Your website will load faster and it will be easier to support. When looking at getting a theme for your WordPress website, consider a custom theme instead of a multipurpose theme. Not only will you get what you want but your theme will not contain the bloat that comes with features that you will never use.

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