eCommerce: Your Virtual Store

Add an eCommerce shopping solution.

Integrate eCommerce into your new WordPress website. Your online store will be an accessible and convenient digital marketplace to reach local and global customers. Majaid’s custom-built templates ensure your 24/7 virtual shop is customized to your specific needs and business brand.

Easy set up. Easy maintenance.

  1. ✓ More cost effective to operate than the traditional bricks-and-mortar model
  2. ✓ Add products to your store
  3. ✓ Display products by category, tags, and attributes to create different styles of online catalogues
  4. ✓ Attributes allow complex product styles, such as different sizes and colours of women’s dresses
  5. ✓ Add images and text to help customers visualize your products
  6. ✓ Control pricing, taxes, inventory, shipping and linked products
  7. ✓ Set-up online sales for specified periods
  8. ✓ Collect different catalogues based on customer address
  9. ✓ Track stock levels; receive warnings for minimum levels
  10. ✓ Accept backorders for out-of-stock items
  11. ✓ Add shipping details for individual items
  12. ✓ Set a store-wide shipping class
  13. ✓ Easily integrate purchases with shippers


Customer Payment Flexibility

  1. ✓ Include different payment options and gateways
  2. ✓ PayPal Checkout option adds flexible payments
  3. ✓ Accept credit card payments without a merchant account
  4. ✓ PayPal automatically deducts sales handling fee then deposits funds in your account
  5. ✓ Non-PayPal payment options include Amazon, Google Wallet, Alipay and Stripe


Customize Product Shipping

  1. ✓ Set up different shipping methods
  2. ✓ Offer flat rate, free, local, national and international shipping options
  3. ✓ Local product pickup option
  4. ✓ Multiple shipping options for individual products
  5. ✓ Integrate shippers with your online store; delivery choices expand with even more options
  6. ✓ Attract more customers with promotional coupons
  7. ✓ Store coupons entice customers to buy more products
  8. ✓ Store coupon discounts include fixed-item, shopping cart and free shipping for minimum purchase amount
  9. ✓ Establish coupon expiry dates, usage restrictions and purchase limits


Standardized Reports

  1. ✓ Manage your online store with a variety of standardized report versions
  2. ✓ Reports include information on orders, customers, stock and taxes
  3. ✓ Other reports include sales by date, by product, by category or by coupon
  4. ✓ Receive emails automatically when store transactions are completed
  5. ✓ Automatic emails thank customers for their order and to update order status

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