Search Engine Optimization

Is WordPress hurting your website SEO?

We include our expert SEO services into all the websites we design and develop.  Let us do the same for your website. We follow the recommendations given by Google and Bing for obtaining the best web page ranking.  Our websites rank higher than other websites that do not use SEO. This means you get more visitors which leads to more business.


Keyword Planning

We use expert keyword planning techniques to discover the keywords your target audience uses when searching for products and services. First, we develop a list of the most popular keywords and phrases (including related keywords) and sort them by relevance and search popularity. Then we include these keywords in your website content in a coherent and natural way.  We do not over-populate your website with keywords (which results in a page rank penalty).


Generate More Leads

We use proven search engine optimization techniques so that your website gets found for a variety of search requests.  We do not use any practices that result in search engine page rank penalties (known as black hat techniques).  Better search engine rankings result in more quality leads. More quality leads translate to more business.


Business Directory Listings

To aid in search engine optimization, we also list your business in popular business directories.  These directories include Google My Business, Bing Places, CanPages,, and Yelp. These listings are a cost-effective method of increasing the visibility of your business. These inbound links help build search engine popularity.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website and send you regular reports on how your website is doing.  These reports give invaluable information on how visitors found your website, their interests, and their demographics.  We use this key information to tweak your website so you get even more business.

Discover how our SEO services will help your website.


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