Automattic released version 5.2 of their immensely popular WordPress Content Management System on 07 May. Included in this update is a new feature called Site Health. This feature helps you identify and fix configuration items such as security and performance issues. Read on to discover how Site Health can help improve your WordPress website.

With WordPress 5.2 installed, you can access the Site Health tool through the Admin dashboard at Tools > Site Health. The Site Health page has two options (Status and Info). These options let you view the overall website status or view general information about the website. These options are selectable through on-page menu items.

Site Health Status

Site Health helps improve WordPress

The status page groups site problems under critical issues and recommended improvements. It also lists the area affected, such as security and performance. Critical issues include items such as outdated PHP version, REST API problems and loopback request failure. Fix all critical issues to improve your website performance. Also consider fixing all recommended improvements. Most of the recommended improvements relate to security issues such as inactive plugins, background updates, and a non-HTTPS website. The status page also has a dropdown that lists all the passed tests for your website.

Site Health Info

Site Health Info

The info page shows configuration details for your website. This information is very useful when trying to debug issues. For example, the directories and sizes area will display how much space your website is using. The server area has information on the web server, PHP version, and PHP settings. The filesystem area shows the writable status of the different WordPress directories.

Fix fatal errors

Another notable feature is how the system handles fatal errors. In the past, a PHP error typically caused the ‘white screen of death’. Now, the website will send an email to the website administrator with a link to enter ‘Recovery Mode’. Working in this safe mode allows the administrator to track down the cause of the fatal error.

The addition of the Site Health tool in WordPress 5.2 makes the life of website administrators easier as it provides a current snapshot of the health of the WordPress website. Administrators can now address any issues found. Fixing all issues will help keep your WordPress website secure and running smoothly. Update your WordPress website to version 5.2 and take advantage of the Site Health tool.

Note: Always perform a website backup before fixing any issues.

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