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Keep hackers at bay by locking your website using the industries top security software.

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“They totally redesigned my site into a well defined clean look. Their knowledge of current trends is amazing and they worked closely with me to ensure everything was aligned before launching.”


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A slow loading website hurts your business

When scouring the Web looking for inspiration, I often find slow loading websites. I reach out to the owners of these websites to let them know that they should take steps to reduce the page loading time because a slow loading website hurts their business. Most times,...

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How to conduct a WordPress health check

There are many modules that make up a typical WordPress installation. Four of the most important components are the server software used to operate the website, the WordPress core software, themes, and plugins. Maintaining these four items current assists in keeping...

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How to Stop User Enumeration

If your business runs a WordPress website, then chances are that your website is potentially exposing user account names (also known as user enumeration). Hackers use clever malicious scripts to scan a website looking for usernames. With these usernames, they conduct...

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