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Advantages of an Effective Website:

  1. ✓ Build brand identity and increase visibility
  2. ✓ Align with your business strategy
  3. ✓ Realize sales and marketing goals
  4. ✓ Increase visitor traffic
  5. ✓ Convert visitors into customers

Majaid develops websites to enhance your business online, target your potential market, incorporate social media, support direct communication with customers and promote your products and services.

Auto Pilot for WordPress


end-to-end Website DeSIGN

We diligently maintain your website so you can concentrate on managing your business.



Majaid websites are hosted on WordPress optimized Virtual Private Servers, which ensure unlimited bandwidth and space.


Majaid websites are optimized so your WordPress website loads faster.


Majaid’s developers carefully select the perfect theme, customized to your business brand and industry.



Majaid always locks down your WordPress website. We keep hackers out using the top security software in the industry.


Our website maintenance plan keeps your WordPress website up-to-date and running smoothly.


Majaid’s secure shopping solution ensures you can successfully sell your products and services online.

We have developed over 


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praise from majaid’s clients

“They have truly effective knowledge that supports your website development. It is certain that your web solutions will be not just met, but accelerated.”


Bask In The Sun

“They totally redesigned my site into a well defined clean look. Their knowledge of current trends is amazing and they worked closely with me to ensure everything was aligned before launching.”


Danall Logistics

Thank you so much for being there for me and for providing such a great support..”


Leeside Consulting

“Barry’s knowledge of website development helps to drive new clients to our content company website. He’s always prompt and efficient whenever we need changes.”

Grant & Patricia

“Barry is a great guy to work with.”


National Auto Outlet

“Thank you for being such a great guy! I absolutely love working with you!


K & M Group


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