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This is just a sampling of the 350 small businesses we have helped

Touch of Scotland

Touch of Scotland needed to quickly bring their shop online to better support their customers. They needed help to:

  • setup WooCommerce
  • add products
  • add PayPal Payment gateway
  • add shipping


We delivered and Touch of Scotland is now selling their products online.


Linda Morrell

The owners of the Linda Morrell website couldn’t do any updates or login to their website due to a hacker installing malware on their site. They needed help:

  • removing the malware
  • updating the website software
  • increasing the security of the site

We delivered and Linda Morrell is now free from malware and is locked down to keep hackers out.


Sajel Bellon

Sajel needed help making her website more modern and better reflecting of her brand. She needed her website to highlight the services she provides to the First Responder community. She also need help consolidating her websites from several domain registrars and hosting providers.

We delivered and Sajel can now focus on supporting First Responders in need.


Archer’s Blue Car Driving School

Dominic needed help making their website perform better on SEO and help support their business objectives by providing an easy to use platform for their students. Their original SEO platform was not performing and they were not seeing the desired results.

We delivered and Archer’s Blue Car Driving School is performing better on their SEO and they can now focus on their students.


Blue Wall Institute

Blue Wall Institute was not happy with their website on the Wix platform. They found that they could not easily make changes and they did not like how their website was laid out. They needed someone to take over the operation of their website so they could focus on their clients.

We delivered and the Blue Wall Institute website is now hosted on our servers. We gave them the look and feel they wanted without the hassle of managing the website. We look after everything for them including updates, security, backups, email, and more.

All Around Consulting

All Around Consulting is an Edmonton-based leadership consulting agency. Justin needed an online presence for his company. He needed a website that:

  • loaded fast
  • was mobile friendly
  • was easy to maintain
  • reflected his values


We delivered and All Around Consulting is building his client base through his website.


KC Doors

KC Doors’ old website used a proprietary system that was difficult to update, was not mobile friendly, and was hard for their customers to use.  They needed a website that:

  • was mobile friendly
  • was easy to update
  • easy for customers to order
  • was more modern


We delivered and KC Doors is seeing an increase in the number of customers ordering through their website.


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