WordPress Support Services


Contact Forms

Are your Contact Forms not functioning properly? We will install and set-up Gravity Forms (one of the top Contact Form plugins) on your website. We will add reCAPTCHA and honeypot to help control the amount of spam received. Gravity Forms is also a great option for Newsletter signups and appecting donations.

$49.99 CAD/hour

Email Delivery

Are your customers not receiving emails from your WordPress/WooCommerce website? Do you use Microsoft 365 or GMail for your email service? We will install and setup a SMTP plugin to improve email receivability so that outgoing emails send properly and do not get rejected.

$49.99 CAD/hour


Do you need some tweaks to your WordPress website? We will change the look and feel of your front end (colours & text, formatting, alignment, layout, and images). We will also provide changes to functionality (i.e. one page checkout, go from Cart to Checkout automatically) so that your website functions better. 

$49.99 CAD/hour


Fix Errors

Have you recently updated your website and now it is showing errors or not functioning properly? We fix all types of errors such as broken links, code errors, theme errors, plugin problems, redirections, missing pages, menu updates, stuck in maintenance mode, internal server erros, and failed updates.

$49.99 CAD/hour

Website Migration

Are you looking to move your WordPress website to a new hosting provider? We will create a full backup and migrate your WordPress website to a new web hosting provided and ensure everything is setup and functioning properly. We will also help with email migration (if moving your email to a new provider).

$49.99 CAD/hour

Wordpress Installation

Do you need help installing and setting up WordPress? We will do a complete setup of WordPress on your web hosting platform and install the most popular theme and plugins that we install on all of our WordPress websites. The temems and plugins are fully licenced so you don’t have to worry about extra licencing fees.

$49.99 CAD/hour

Image Issues

Are your images taking up way too much room and slowing your WordPress website down? We will optmize the images on your website, fix broken image links, properly resize images, and install an image optimization plugin so that you don’t have to worry about improper image file sizing again.

$49.99 CAD/hour


Sign In Issues

Are you locked out of your WordPress website? Do you have extra user accounts you want removed? We will help you get back into the back end of your WordPress website, reset user passwords, set up Multi-Factor Autentication, and remove unwanted user accounts so that only authorized users have access. 

$49.99 CAD/hour

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